Edgar "The Golden Woman"


Seikon no Qwaser II
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Seikon no Qwaser
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Edgar (エドガー)
Is a mysterious girl who appears after the events in Roman Curia Surei Academy. She befriended and follows Miyuri everywhere mostly when she tries to use any foretelling technique that involves to use her breasts. Edgar is shown to be the one to truly foresee the events Miyuri predicts. She knows that Sasha is a Qwaser from Athos. However, it is revealed that she's in fact a crossdresser boy. Previously he was a slave of Frederich Tanner, and was constantly abused by him into constructing The Noah of Gold on his body. He is later stated by the Meteors as "The Golden Woman" speculating he may have a tie to the Gold Qwaser.

Voice Actors
Mizuhara, Kaoru