Prince Toma

Prince Toma

Ranma ½: Kessen Tougenkyou! Hanayome wo Torimodose!
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Prince Toma (桃磨)
Prince Toma is the ruler of Togenkyo Island. Because the island is situated on top of a spring which makes it impossible for the island's inhabitants to give birth to a female, the only way for his people to find brides is to kidnap them from neighboring islands. He captures Ranma, Akane, Ukyo, Shampoo, Nabiki and Kasumi, as well as many other women. Once there they compete to be his bride in strange contests which are designed to amuse him. He ends up choosing Akane, despite Ranma's best efforts, because she reprimands him about his treatment of the girls.

Toma is a highly skilled swordsman and a master at creating illusions, but also proves to be near to Ranma in speed and basic combat techniques. He has a number of human-animal hybrids that act as his lieutenants.

Voice Actors
Madono, Mitsuaki
Juliani, Alessandro
Quarta, Alessandro
De Gracia, Ángel