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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa
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Hakurei Altar (祭壇座のハクレイ)

Age: 270

Altar Hakurei (祭壇座のハクレイ Arutā no Hakurei?) is a character introduced in Lost Canvas, the Elder of Jamir. Master of Shion, Yuzuriha, Tokusa and Atla, elder brother of Sage. He survived, with his brother, the previous Holy War. Hakurei was originally entrusted to occupy the Pope's seat, but gave it up to his brother instead and he moved in Jamir. He once prevented his apprentice Shion to defect Athena's ranks in favor of Hades.

With the demise of his brother, he has taken over the Pope's position, faking that Sage is still alive so not to break the morale of the Saints. In order to break the seal that cut down the Saints' power to 10% by using the sword blessed by Athena in the previous Holy War, Hakurei decides to go to Hades' territory alone despite of Shion's objection. Hakurei easily defeats the foot soldiers and upon entering the church of Hades, he is confronted by Hypnos, who brings forward the defeated disciples of Hakurei, Shion and Yuzuriha. Using the ultimate attack Praesepe Returning Spirits Wave (積尸気転霊波 Sekishiki Tenryōha?) Hakurei summons the souls of the fallen Saints from the previous Holy War, among them Cancer Sage's soul. Hakurei uses their power to form a massive energy ball, which distracts the attention of Hypnos. While Hypnos is nullifying the energy ball, Hakurei unleashes his living soul to seal the defenseless Hypnos. However, before Hakurei can break the seal using the blessed sword, Hades appears out of thin air and kills him.

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