Norihito "Michael " Kurama

Norihito Kurama

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Norihito Kurama (倉間 典人)
He is quick tempered and gets angry easily, he is a person who despises "annoying" people like Matsukaze and even Coach Endou. Despite this, he cares for the team deeply.

Also, he might not look like it but, when Endou Mamoru left the Raimon team, he was also sad along with the whole team, this shows that he actually cared for their coach. As time passed and more and more matches had passed, he started to be nicer to Tenma, though still referring him as an annoying person.Also he started to care more for soccer and was more determined to win.

He's a forward for Raimon.

Voice Actors
Takagaki, Ayahi
Hong, Beom Gi
Valezano, Fabrizio