Horii Ichirou

Horii Ichirou

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
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Horii Ichirou (堀井 一郎)
He is first seen in the beginning of episode 5, where he is in a Deal. His Asset is a robot that has a triangular form, named Gassa. He seems to be able to synch with Gassa, allowing him to see where an opponent's attacks will strike, allowing him to then easily dodge them, effectively guarding his wealth while allowing the opponent to use up money. He can also attack with Gassa, using it as an accessory to fly and deliver a decisive blow to the opposing Entre just as time starts to run out.

Additionally, he seems to be one of the less mentally stable members of the Starling Guild.

Voice Actors
Takahashi, Naozumi
Grelle, Josh
Maino, Michaël