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Feldt Grace (フェルト グレイス)

Age: 14(Season 1) / 19(Season 2) / 21(Movie)
Birthday: December 28, 2293 Anno Domini
Blood-Type: B
Height: 155 cm(Season 1) / 161(Season 2/Movie)
Weight: 42 kg(Season 1) / 47 kg(Season 2/Movie)

Feldt Grace is a crew member of Ptolemaios. She's a programmer, tactical operator, and engineer/mechanic on board the ship. As a multi-purposed agent of Celestial Being and crew member to the Ptolemy (Ptolemaios), she's been involved in all major operations of Celestial Being. When the Gundam Meister's perform an intervention, it's her duty to actively monitor the Gundams system performance as well as the Meister's. She actively updates new tactical information and can remotely reprogram the Gundams. When not dealing with major combat operations, she researches critical information pertaining future objectives and help maintain systems within the Ptolemy.

After the destruction of Ptolemaios, she helped rebuild Celestial Being and currently she's the operator to their new ship, Ptolemaios 2.

Feldt is an introverted, stoic, and private person. She's often quiet and doesn't say much unless she has to. She likes to talk to Lockon's Haro, but it's unclear if it is due to a past relationship with Haro or her personal sense of comfort towards machines. She tends to keep her feelings to herself, but is not secretive about them either. Based on observation throughout the series she tends to enjoy nature and working with machines. Unlike Christina Sierra, she doesn't enjoy fashion nor is Feldt as upbeat as her. However, throughout season 2, Feldt opens up and is able to express her feelings more unlike her season 1's stoic self.

(Source: Gundam Wikia)

Voice Actors
Takagaki, Ayahi
Strand, Chantal
Barrier, Jessica
Zadra, Rebeca
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