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Coby Hansen

Transformers Galaxy Force
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Transformers: Galaxy Force
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Coby Hansen
Coby Hansen is the primary human character in Cybertron. The character has been used in the television series, comic book series, and collection of children's toys manufactured by Takara Tomy in conjunction with Hasbro. In the series, he is a mechanically-inclined 14-year-old who is often called on by the Transformers to do repairs. He lives in Colorado with his younger brother, Bud, and older brother, Tim and enjoys dirtbike racing and has worked at a mechanic's shop. Coby and Bud, along with their friend, Lori (the only female of the series), befriended the Autobots after finding and aiding the damaged Landmine. He develops a friendship with Landmine, and aids Hot Shot on Velocitron.

Later in the show, he actually refits a destroyed Scrapmetal as his own personal vehicle called the Cobybot ("Cobyrumble" in Galaxy Force), earning himself an Autobot Commission and an active role in the battles after he used it to save Bud, who was trapped among the Decepticons. He is very protective of his little brother Bud.

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Voice Actors
Vincent, Samuel
Tamaki, Yuuki
Shin, Yong Wu