Albert de Blois

Albert de Blois

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Albert de Blois (アルベール・ド・ブロワ)
Marquis Albert de Blois is the father of both Victorique and Grevil de Blois, and the leader of Sauville's Ministry of the Occult. A man obsessed with the supernatural, he seeks unexplainable powers to fuel his quest to lead Sauville into progress.

Marquis Albert applies a strict approach whether if it concerns his quest to gain supernatural might or if it involves Victorique or Grevil. He is also very focused in his ambitions to the point of disregarding the family he created through Cordelia Gallo; in fact, he regards Victorique as a mere tool for the struggle between the Ministry and the Science Academy.

(source: gosick.wikia)

Voice Actors
Sugou, Takayuki
Kimura, Ryouhei