Nagisa "Iczelion" Kai

Nagisa Kai

Iczer-Girl Iczelion
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Nagisa Kai (甲斐 渚)
A normal high school student who wishes to become a professional wrestler. One day, a robot named Iczel confronts Nagisa and urges her to help save the world from invading aliens. Although at first, she refused, Nagisa had no choice but to merge with Iczel to become an Iczelion (イクセリオン, Ikuserion). She struggles at first because she does not want to hold the responsibility of being an Iczelion and saving the world, but later realizes that she must protect those she cares about, giving her the strength to become an Iczelion and fight to save the Earth. She can enter Burst Acceleration Mode for a brief period of time.

Voice Actors
Shiratori, Yuri
Pacotto, Emanuela
Wolcott, Larissa