Bouken! Iczer 3
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Golem (ゴーレム)
Golem is the leader of Neos' four generals, as well as their strongest warrior. Her entire body is made up of various weapons, including beam cannons, missile launchers, and grenade launchers. At times, her weapons are even capable of outmatching Iczer-3 in battle. She also has the ability to transform into a high-speed form she calls the Golem Jet (ゴーレムジェット, Gōremu Jetto?), which resembles a jet fighter. As Neos' strongest warrior, Golem has a great deal of pride in her strength. When Neos created Atros, and later resurrected Iczer-2, Golem took it upon herself to kill Iczer-3 and prove once and for all she is Neos' strongest follower.

Golem battled against Iczer-3 and the crew of the Queen Fuji twice. She proved capable of holding her own against Iczer-3, and even had the upper hand at one point in the battle, but when Yajin discovered her one weak point, she was forced to retreat after sustaining heavy damage. After repairing herself, she returned to the battlefield, intent on killing Iczer-3 and completely destroying the Queen Fuji. Before she could finish off Iczer-3, she encountered Iczer-2, who called her a weakling. When Golem attempted to attack her, Iczer-2 cut her in half with a single stroke, killing her.

Voice Actors
Yoshida, Rihoko
Bock, Fernanda