Bouken! Iczer 3
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Insect (インセクト)
Insect is one of Neos' four generals, and calls herself their strongest fighter. As her name would suggest, she has the power to control any and all types of insects, and uses them as her preferred means of attack. Using this power, she actually managed to wipe out a significant number of Earth's military forces, securing a foothold for Neos.

Insect proved to be a very formidable foe to Iczer-3, as her armor, made from the shells of many rhinoceros beetles, proved too tough for Iczer-3's swords to penetrate. Eventually, Insect revealed her trump card: the ability to transform into a giant insect bigger than a five-story building. Her transformation forced Iczer-3 to summon Iczer-Robo for assistance. In the end, Iczer-3 managed to kill Insect in combat, making her the only one of Neos' four generals slain in combat by Iczer-3.

Voice Actors
Takashima, Gara