Bouken! Iczer 3
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Atros (アトロス)
Atros is a clone of Iczer-3 created by Neos Gold using the stolen Iczelio energy halfway through the series. Unlike Iczer-3, Atros loves to fight, and does not hesitate to attack Iczer-3 and her friends. Atros sees Neos Gold as her mother, and fought against Iczer-3 and the crew of the Queen Fuji to enable her mother to rule the world.

When she first appeared, Atros killed Bigro with a single attack, before challenging Iczer-3 to a duel. It was quickly revealed that she possessed all of Iczer-3's powers, and indeed proved to be an even match for her. It was only upon seeing Nagisa that Atros retreated to make sense of the strange feelings that were overwhelming her. Neos berated her creation, and told her not to return until Iczer-3 was dead. Atros decided the quickest way to achieve this was to eliminate Nagisa first. She failed in her second attempt as well, when Nagisa tried to sway Atros to their side. Eventually, Neos replaces Atros with Iczer-2, which proved to be the final straw for Atros. With her mother turning her back on her, Atros switched sides, choosing to think of Nagisa as her mother, and joined forces with Iczer-3 to launch a final assault on Neos' home base, and working together in concert with Iczer-3, successfully brought down the barrier around the fortress. Neos was not about to let her creation's betrayal go unpunished, however, and launched a powerful attack against Atros, mortally wounding her. Atros died in Nagisa's arms, as Iczer-3 mourned the death of a sister.

Voice Actors
Takayama, Minami
Bezerra, Úrsula