Isabella "Ice Queen" Montovani

Isabella Montovani

Romeo no Aoi Sora
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Isabella Montovani (イザベラ・モントバーニ)
Countess Isabella Montovani is the grandmother of Angeletta. Her son, Count Adolfo, who fell in love with a commoner named Giovanna, was Angeletta's biological father. She used to be called "Ice Queen" because she used to have a very cold personality. Lady Isabella entrusted the infant Angeletta to Marchelo Rossi during an unseasonable springtime snowfall. She became the benefactor of Angeletta during her entire years with Rossi's family. It took several years before the countess accepted her granddaughter. Lady Isabella used to believe that Angeletta was only after the Montovani estate, but with the help of Romeo and the rest of the members of the Black Brothers, she was enlightened. In the end, Countess Montovani took custody of Angeletta. She brought her granddaughter to Paris to be treated for her serious heart illness.

Voice Actors
Yamaguchi, Nana