Baron Salamander

Baron Salamander

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Baron Salamander (サラマンダー男爵)
A member of the Desert Apostles who was exiled by Dune. He was sealed away by the first Precure, Cure Ange, 400 years before the story. Olivier unwittingly released him, thinking he was someone else. For many years, Olivier and Salamander traveled the world together. He was a father figure to Olivier until Olivier began to distrust him; Salamander used red jewels he procured to turn Olivier into a werewolf. He gave Olivier the name "Loup-garou," which means "werewolf" in French.

He has the ability to control fire. After Olivier stole the large crystal at the tip of his staff, he was only able to turn people into Desertrians.

Voice Actors
Fujiwara, Keiji
Cigliano, Alessio