Jinsuke "Thousand Man Slayer" Kurogane

Jinsuke Kurogane


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Jinsuke Kurogane (黒鉄 陣介)
Jinsuke kurogane is the father of Gama and the former teacher of Sengoku Iori and teacher of Ranmaru. He along with three other members of the Ogame School killed the other members of the Ogame school.(excluding:Turtle sensei, Zenmaru,Gama,Shin,Iori.) Later he created the Muhou school.

Before the start of the series, he met Rintarou who had shown up on the shore from holland.
Later he met a nine year old Iori and saved his life from bandits. He took him in and became a father figure to him and taught and trained him as a swordsman.

He got into an argument on who should be the leader of the ogame school with fellow student Tessai. Later he slaughtered the Ogame school along with three other members, Kujou Mario, Ichinose Kai and Murasame Riko leaving only a few alive. Iori attempted to stop him before the massacre began but failed. As he left he told gama to become a strong swordsman and in a few years they would meet again and if he didn't join him then even if gama was his own son, he would kill him.

He later went on to start the Muhou school.

Jinsuke has a very calm yet confident personality.
When discussing the ogame school with the advisors of the Muhou school he confidently states that the Ogame school will arrive in Jouka and states they are strong because they seriously attend to defeat him. While everyone else was surprised at their strength was discussing what to do to stop them from reaching Jouka.

He also has a somewhat twisted personality. As he stated the Muhou school will use all their power to crush the Ogame school as that was his way of showing his love for them. And he was interested and enjoy the idea of his son Gama and his student Ranmaru battling.

He also seemed happy and proud. That Gama defeated the 47th corps and the power of the drug Jugan.

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