Pokemon Advanced Generation
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Robert (ロバート)
Robert is a Pokémon Coordinator and has appeared in several episodes. He first appeared in Win, Lose or Drew, competing in the Slateport City Contest. He defeated Drew with his Milotic and won that city's ribbon.

The next time Robert appeared was during the Hoenn Grand Festival. In Deceit and Assist, he was seen during the Appeals round using his Milotic. In the following episode, Rhapsody in Drew, he nearly became a victim of Team Rocket when they tried to steal his Contest Pass and his Pokémon.

Ash tried to stop them using his Snorunt, but it couldn't get its Ice Beam to work. Robert took Snorunt aside and told it to concentrate more. Snorunt did, and thanks in part to Robert's pep talk, it evolved into Glalie.

Robert then proceeded to the finals of the Grand Festival, which he won, and earned the Ribbon Cup. According to Drew, immediately after he won, Robert began training for the next Grand Festival.


Voice Actors
Konishi, Katsuyuki
Schemmel, Sean