Berkens "Bergens"


Scrapped Princess
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A priest for the church of Mauser, Berkens is a laid back guy who doesn't take his duties seriously, nor does he approve of the church's overzealous pollicy in dealing with anyone who doesn't follow the church of mauser. While he doesn't personally believe in Mauser, he does believe that people need something to believe in. He travels with Pacifica and her group for a while on a mission to search for heretics, but leaves soon after when he finds that the heretic village to filled with just ordinary people. He also knows that Pacifica is the scrapped princess, but says he isn't interested in turning her in. Sometime after he returns to the capital, he later helps Raquel search for Pacifica, posing as her father. Just before the peacemaker's attack on the capital, Berkins becomes the personal escort of Prince Forsis when the prince is transferred to the nearby holy city, and consequently, his confidant and trusted messenger.

Voice Actors
Papenbrook, Bob
Tanaka, Masahiko
Baaken, Renier