Nonomi "Nonomi" Higashihara

Nonomi Higashihara

Gunparade March: Arata Naru Kougunka
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Gunparade March
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Gunparade March: Last Dance Gunparade
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Nonomi Higashihara (東原ののみ)
An orphan, which the Shibabura Group conducted experiments on to give her telekinetic powers used to activate the PBE bombs. She is part of the 5121 squad, and is seen a number of times activating the PBE bomb for use against Genjyu Brain's.

Due to the experiments, she can no longer grow and stays in the form of a child in mind and body. Though this doesn't fact doesn't effect her behaviour and she cares deeply for the people around her. She is one of the reasons that the squad works well together.

Voice Actors
Lee, Yong Sin
Yoshida, Mayumi