Yohei Takigawa

Yohei Takigawa

Gunparade March: Arata Naru Kougunka
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Gunparade March
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Gunparade March: Last Dance Gunparade
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Yohei Takigawa (滝川陽平)
Takigawa Youhei is an eccentric person who is restless. He dreams of becoming a hero and playing with new toys. At the beginning he wanted to be the co-pilot of the new Tandem HWT model, AMTT-519MW Shikon "The Spirit of Knight", but was overlooked because of his restless behaviour.

Though he was an eccentric personality, he cares deeply for his team-mates, to the point where he punched his squad commander

Voice Actors
Suyama, Akio
Jeong, Myeong Jun