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Men Tao
Tao Men is the son of Tao Ren and Iron Maiden Jeanne. He is second heir to the Tao Family after his father.

As a baby, Tao Men greatly resembles his father, even sporting the same chestnut hair style. However, he has silver hair and blood red eyes, which are inherited from his mother.

As a primary school student, Men wears the same school outfit as Ren, albeit with a ribbon-bow instead of a tie. He retains the chestnut hair style (complete with the ability to straighten out when agitated or shocked), but his hair is somewhat wavier - another trait from Jeanne.

In his debut, Men shows no distict personality traits. However, he does manage to burp the word 'baka' to Horohoro, either by chance or by intent.
As he gets older Tao Men is every bit as impulsive and brash as his father. His haughty attitude and manner of speaking is reminiscent of his mother.

As the child of Ren and Jeanne, Men possesses exceptional talent as a Shaman. Thus far, he has been able to perform an Over Soul.

Men has inherited his father and mother's spiritual allies, Bason and Shamash, respectively. For the Over Soul with Bason, he wields a lengendary Guan Dao wielded by Bason in his lifetime, Men has inherited it from his father.

Tao Men is first seen near the ending of Shaman King as a baby, when Tao Ren brings him along to the reunion of the Five Elemental Warriors. As he and his father arrives at the train station in a chariot Men walks out first while Ren speaks from within the waggon, making it seem like Men is the one tallking. This combined with Men's resemblance to his father causes everybody to momentarily mistake him for his father. Ren then steps out behind Men and picks him up, introducing him as his son and saying his name was Men.

As they all wait for Asakura Yoh and Asakura Anna they go to a family restaurant, where Men is seen eating a kids menu and becomes the subject of disccussion as no one knows who his mother is. As Horohoro is given hints by Lyserg about who the mother might be, Men somehow manages to look at Horohoro and call him dummy.

In Shaman King: Flowers, he is 7 and is staying at Funbari Onsen with Blocken, Zhang-Ching and Big Billy as his bodyguards. He is visiting as part of his Tao Family-Style Royal studies, which he terms 'a test of experiencing the life of the lower classes'.

The name 'Men‘ means industry, and is formed by taking the first Kana of Maiden and the last kana from Ren. This method of naming is the same as Asakura Hana.

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