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Toaru Majutsu no Index
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Monaka Oyafune
She is one of the 12 in Academy City's Board of Directors, with her daughter teaching in Kamijou Touma's school. First appears in Volume 14, where she tries to persuade Kamijou Touma to step in and solve the rioting caused by the Roman Catholic Church's "supernatural powers", since Aleister told the world that the "Magic" of various Churches are just rival esper research institutions. This is because the Board of Directors decided to not intervene, as it would be to Academy City's advantage to let the conflict drag on and sell weapons to the rest of the Science side to protect them, thus increasing funds. To prevent retribution from either the other Directors or Aleister, she hired Tsuchimikado Motoharu to act as the one sent to punish her, and let herself be wounded by Motoharu's gunshot. Touma remarks that it wasn't necessary for her to be shot just to give him a guilty conscience and force him to fight. Later events show that she has recovered from the gunshot wound.

She is possibly the only one of the Board of Directors that sincerely thinks about the students, as mentioned by various groups like ITEM and GROUP. When ITEM heard about the assassination order given to SCHOOL to have her erased, they remarked that there's no reason behind it as she's not involved in anything important enough in the dark side of Academy City to warrant such an attack. Later events show that the attack on her may have been planned by Aleister to set off a chain of events to erase all internal problems such as the ones caused by BLOCK, and it didn't matter whether she lived or died.

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