Masaaki Fukuyama

Masaaki Fukuyama

Doraemon (2005)
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Doraemon Movie 31: Shin Nobita to Tetsujin Heidan - Habatake Tenshi-tachi
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Masaaki Fukuyama (福山 雅秋)
A famous pop star that Shizuka admires very much. Is based on Fukuyama Masaharu, one of Japan's leading male artists. He voices Masaaki in the 3-hour special airing on February 11, 2011 as well as the movie.

Occupation: Star
Songs: Hatsukoi is a big hit with Sakuramochi, thus, granted a special appearance in Kohaku.
Specialities: Wonderful smile.
Hobbies: Onsen and Photography
Favourite food: Rice and turkey
Recent project: ローマ伝 Roma-den, an epic drama about knight in ancient Rome who is striving for change.

(source: MashaPlus forums)

Voice Actors
Fukuyama, Masaharu
Goirizelaia, Juan Martín