Natsuki Aizawa

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Hiyokoi (2012)
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Natsuki Aizawa (相沢 夏輝)

Age: 15
Birthday: July 8th
Height: 167 cm

A 15-year-old girl and Hiyori and Yuushin's classmate. She loves cute things and is one of the classmates that thinks Hiyori is cute. She has been classmates with Yuushin in all of her middle school years. It is revealed that Natsuki had a crush on her homeroom teacher back in her last year in middle school, but when she learned that he was married, she felt heart broken, and so cut her hair. Natuski decided that she will only grow her hair when she has found someone that she loves. It is revealed that her birthday is July 8th.

Voice Actors
Sanpei, Yuuko