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Sugarboy (シュガ-ボ-イ)
Sugarboy is from Edolas and is the Royal Army Captain of the 4th Magical Division. He works for Faust in Edolas helping him in various ways such as hunting Fairy Tail, and seems to be very into statistics of things.

Sugarboy is a tall male with blue eyes and blond hair in a pompadour style. He has long sideburns extending to the ends of his face, and some stubble. Sugarboy has a very defined face and a noticeable cleft chin. He wears light red (pink in the anime), shiny armor with gold chain mail and a bronze belt, and what appear to be black briefs. He also wears a white cape with the Edolas insignia on it. When seen without a shirt, Sugarboy has a very muscular upper body.

Sugarboy can be seen as very goofy, not only in appearance, but also in personality. He can suddenly drastically change his facial expressions, as seen when fighting Gray Fullbuster. Sugarboy can notably do some strange things, without even knowing how he did it himself, such as gliding in battle. Sugarboy can be seen as over-dramatic in situations as well, such as when he saw Gray make a duplicate key. Sugarboy can be serious though around meeting with his fellow captains, and has very respectable opinions.

(Source: Fairy Tail Wikia)

Voice Actors
Brannan, Duncan
Shimoyama, Yoshimitsu
Bretonnière, Marc
De Flaviis, Fabrizio
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