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Yuki (ユキ)
* Age: 18 (First Season), 19 (Second Season)

* Birthday: February 2

* Western Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Yuki is a strong and calm woman. She usually remains quiet but will give useful advice when called upon. She acts and is seen as a mother to the younger angels. Mika uses "mother" as an insult towards her. Yuki was a white snake in her past life. Yuki is in the Senior rank. She is the bride of Gou the Azure Dragon (Seiryu).

In season 2, Yuki became a goddess. Works and watches over the world especially the animals and Goro. In this season she replaces the previous goddess whom broke one of their rules. As the goddess she became stronger and had a stronger will to take part in the sage's dream.

Her white skin represents a snake's skin. Her name means snow, alluding to the color of her skin and scales. Her color image is blue. In Yuki's past life she died of being burnt to death, because of this she is afraid of fire.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Hikami, Kyouko
Strassman, Karen
Song, Do Yeong