Uho no Fiamma "Fiamma of the Right"

Uho no Fiamma

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Uho no Fiamma (右方のフィアンマ)
Fiamma of the Right is the leader of God's Right Seat and the main antagonist of the magic side in the Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novels. His name is derived from the Italian name for flame, "Fiamma."

Among the members of God's Right Seat, he is seen as the highest position, and the other members are shown to be more loyal to him than they are to the Pope. Behind his calm personality hides a manipulative and ambitious person who doesn't hesitate to overstep his bounds past the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, use the entirety of Russian Orthodox Church, and even declare war against Academy City.

The leader and center of God's Right Seat, with him stating as long as he's alive, the positions of Acqua, Terra and Vento can be replaced, but if he's gone God's Right Seat as an organization would also be gone beyond salvaging.

He seeks Touma and Index, the former for his power, which Fiamma considers the Holy Right, and the latter for her knowledge in inaccessible forms of magic. Fiamma also uses his status as the current Pope's mentor to classify Touma as a heretic, thus enabling him to fulfill his purpose to capture Touma. He holds enough power to blow away all of Rome in one blast, but 2/3 of the damage is avoided by the Pope absorbing it to protect the city, resulting in the Pope being hospitalized; however, part of the Vatican was still damaged by the attack.

Voice Actors
Morikawa, Toshiyuki