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Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi - Toki no Negai
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Tenebrae (テネブラエ)
the Centurion of Darkness, and his resting place lies deep in the Temple of Darkness. Because of Colette Brunel, he has gained several nicknames, such as Tenebie, Doggie, Mr. Doggie, Tennie and Braebrae, though the most used of them is Tenebie. He is also called Tenebonehead by Aqua, the Centurion of Water.

Tenebrae acts as a mentor for Emil Castagnier throughout the game in order to awaken Ratatosk. He is also very loyal to Marta Lualdi, who carries Ratatosk’s core on her forehead. He is a witty character and adds a lot of comedy and information to the game. However, Tenebrae is also very conservative, as he dislikes being called "Tenebie” and gets angry if Ratatosk is disrespected. In numerous skits, many of the characters describe him as spiteful.

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