Marta "Martmart" Lualdi

Marta Lualdi


Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi - Toki no Negai
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Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi - Onshuu no Richter
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Marta Lualdi (マルタ・ルアルディ)
Marta tends to think along right-and-wrong lines. A bit of a tomboy, Marta is passionate about getting her way. On the left side of her forehead lies Ratatosk's core, imprisoned in a dormant state. Emil Castagnier became her guardian knight, a Knight of Ratatosk, in order to protect her and Ratatosk's core. She views him as effeminate, but believes he possesses a hidden strength which is why she reminds him by saying "Come on. You're a man! Speak up!"

Marta falls in love with both Emil and Ratatosk Mode Emil. As the game progresses, she begins to love Emil for who he actually is, instead of the fantasy she created in his image. Marta also gets very jealous when Emil tries to get along with other girls, mainly Colette, Sheena and Raine, stating that she shall not give up on getting Emil's heart. Being the romantic that she is, Marta will fully support anyone's attempts at a relationship as long as its not directed towards her or Emil.

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