Nanako Misonoo

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Nanako Misonoo (御苑生 奈々子)

Nanako is a sweet and generous 16-year-old girl, who just wants to "be loved by the others, even if only a bit," and doesn't mean to harm anyone. She is suddenly plunged into a world that may change her deeply, as she becomes a member of the Sorority, a prestigious school organization that only the richest, most beautiful and sophisticated girls can access, the dream of all the youngest students.

Nanako's admittance, decided by Lady Miya, will set in motion around the young character a real storm of envy, "retaliations," and threats, causing Nanako's disbelieved desperation before so much violence addressed towards her. After losing for some time Tomoko's support, object of sometimes excessive attentions from the devoted and troubled Mariko Shinobu, Nanako finds comfort in the letters she writes to her "dear brother," Takehiko, in the friendship of Kaoru, who protects her more than once, and most of all in her deep interest for the charming and mysterious Saint Just, who Nanako probably feels very close in her sufferings...

Voice Actors
Kasahara, Hiroko
Margiotti, Beatrice
Song, Do Yeong
Lizárraga, Estívaliz
Rondeleux, Anne

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