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Eiji Kise (鬼瀬 鋭二)
A demented serial killer with long limbs and lanky stature, he was recruited into W.I.S.E. along with Grigori #03 shortly after Grana joins the group in the present timeline. Kise considers his killings as a form of art and views himself as a genius in performing such arts. His PSI ability "Zone Diver" grants him the ability to phase himself through a solid object such as a wall, allowing him to stealthily kills an unsuspecting victim using his two knifes. Kise is also capable of assimilating his body into his surrounding environment. This allows him to create a countless number of limbs, move his vitals anywhere within the environment as well as dragging his victims into the environment, which either traps them in there forever or turns them into a statue by encasing them with the materials from the environment that he assimilated. In the future timeline, Kise (now referred as Vigo) joins Junas and the Star Commander's elite Scourge unit to invade Tenju's Roots. During the invasion, Vigo develops an interest on Marie and threatened to turn her into one of his collections, but was stopped in time by Shao. The two engages in a brutal battle with Shao emerging as the victor, breaking Vigo's neck. However, he managed to survive Shao's killing blow and proceeded to knock Marie unconscious, kidnapping her in the process. As Vigo leaves Tenju's Roots with the unconscious Marie at his arms, he chillingly tells a helpless Van to send a message to Shao, informing him that if he wishes to rescue Marie, he shall have to travel to Astral Nova, which is W.I.S.E.'s capital and face him there. He is killed by Mithra while trying to save Marie, because she was the first person to worry about him instead of herself.

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