Naruto: Shippuuden
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Sukune (スクネ)
Sukune was a brave man who never gave up hope of defending his village against Kandachi. He was similar to Kaiza, and died in the similar manner trying to do the best for his countrymen. His son Tanishi at first, detested him, but when he saw the meaning of his death, began to love him. He was buried in the village's graveyard.

Jiraiya mentions that Sukune and his family were very kind to him when he visited the Genjutsu Tree Village the first time, and is sad to hear of his death when he returns with Naruto later. He is known to be respected in the village. The husband of Yone and the father of Tanishi. No noticeable skills- he is shown to be fairly strong from the civilian's standpoint, but his skills are not nearly equal to those of a ninja.

Voice Actors
Silverstein, Keith
Nemoto, Yasuhiko