Sir Isaac Cavendish

Sir Isaac Cavendish

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Sir Isaac Cavendish

Isaac is a British spy who works undercover in Kuchen. Since Kuchen insisted on remaining neutral, despite the time and era being just between two world wars, the British government wants to know if Kuchen can be influenced (by force if necessary) to support their side. So Isaac is sent, and for nearly a year he works in Kuchen in the disguise of an author, though he is not the only secret agent who works undercover in Kuchen.

Isaac actually received the title "Sir" for his service to his country. His parents were fallen noblemen that, due to poverty, were thrown out of their manor, something that affected his sister very much. He has three younger siblings, a sister names Rosa and two younger brothers. At some point after they were thrown out of their manor Isaac was left to take care of his younger siblings and was separated from his parents. He joined the army to earn money and support the family during World War I (he calls that time "hell"), and due to his outstanding conduct in battle was recruited to the secret services.

Isaac has a motorcycle and usually carries with him a revolver. Also, he seems to have strange connections with some of the alumni of Rosenstolz academy.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Koyasu, Takehito
Schnell, Lutz

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