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Zone (ゾーン)
Considered the God of Destiny by Yliaster, the organisation he founded. Zone resides in a strange place which was first accessed by Yusei, Sherry and Bruno through the Z-ONE card that Sherry's parents were murdered over. Since then, Yusei returned as he attempted Clear Mind, Zone gave him a blank Synchro card and insisted there were all sorts of possibilities, referring to Yusei's struggle to keep a clear head during his encounter with Placido; it was their meeting that gave a chance for Shooting Star Dragon to become a part of Yusei's deck.

When Yusei, Bruno and Sherry were transported by the Infinity machine, Sherry was sucked out of the craft and found herself with Zone, who offered her a chance to learn the world's fate, with the price of an altered destiny.

Zone is the creator of Bruno and the Yliaster Emperors in the shapes of his lost friends. His right arm is robotic, shown when he met Aporia and extended a hand towards him. Zone's human identity is presently unknown, his white shell prevents any kind of view of him with the exception of a blue left eye, almost identical to Yusei's.

Voice Actors
Ishikawa, Hideo