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Cathy Lockharte

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Cathy Lockharte (キャシー=ロックハート)
Height: 165cm
Weight: 50kg
B/W/H: 83/55/85
Age: 17
Blood: O
Nationality: American
Volt Weapons: Farashion
Hobby: Writing a story
Favorite Food: Coke
Weakness: She doesn't know... ...

A 3rd year at the East Genetics Academy and referred to as currently the most powerful Pandora in the series since her sync ratio with her stigmas are the closest to Kazuha Aoi's compared to the other top Pandoras. However, she does not see herself to be the greatest pandora after the incident of stopping Satellizer's rampage. Due to the effect of that incident, she begin to feel that she lacks the fighting spirit to be stay as a pandora.

She is currently ranked 1st among all East Genetics third-year students, as well as being ranked #5 of the world's top five strongest Pandora.

Her dreams was to be a writer instead of being a Pandora. It was her father's strong will that forces her to be a Pandora. Due to her father's will, she grew up lonely without much friends as her father look upon them as 'distractions' from her path to have a great Pandora.

Voice Actors
Kugimiya, Rie
Kang, Kristi

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