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Dalmatian (ダルメシアン)

Vice-Admiral Dalmatian (ダルメシアン中将, Darumeshian Chūjō?) is one of the many Marine Vice Admirals to have participated in the Battle of Marineford.

With his Devil Fruit powers active, Dalmatian takes the form of a muscular, bipedal dalmatian-human hybrid. The top part of his head from his nose up, along with his arms and legs, are that of a dalmatian: a white dog with black spots all over the body. He also has a long tail. However, the bottom half of his face is human, and has a blond-white beard on a wide chin. His torso and neck also seem to remain human. He has yet to be seen in his default human or full dalmatian forms.

Like all other Vice Admirals and other high ranking officers, he wears a double breasted suit, dress shirt and tie, with a Marine jacket draped loosely over his shoulders like a cape. His suit, in particular, is dark green. He wore a light red shirt underneath, with a darker red tie.

Dalmatian has eaten a Zoan-class Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a dalmatian. Using this, he can increase his fighting prowess and physical strength greatly, and, combined with his Rokushiki style, favors his status as a martial artist greatly. His transformation into a human-dalmatian hybrid seems to differ from other Zoan users, as parts of his body (the bottom half of his face, his neck and torso) remain human while the rest become the animal, whereas the other users' bodies take on complete animal characteristics in their hybrid form.

First Appearance: Chapter 553; Episode 462

(Source: One Piece Wikia)

Voice Actors
Haramaki, Kouji
Weber, Philip