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Azuma (アズマ)
Azuma (アズマ) is one of Section 9's new recruits in 2nd GIG. Azuma was introduced to Aramaki by Kuboda, and recruited as one of the field operatives in Section 9 from JGSDF Intelligence. He was present at the shipyard battle in which fellow rookie Yano died and was pulled out of field duty prior to the Dejima confrontation. At the end of 2nd GIG it is implied that Azuma is now a full fledged member of Section 9.

He proves to be most experienced in Solid State Society, working in his second year. He shows his support by backing Togusa up during the incident at the airport, as well as gathering valuable intel on the Kojinkai, a violent crime mob in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.

(Source: Ghost in the Shell Wikia)

Voice Actors
Terasoma, Masaki
Davies, Erik
Ogata, Masahiro
Rafferty, Philipp