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Appleseed (Movie)
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Gilliam Knute

Gilliam was the scientist that created the Bioroids, as well as the "D-tank" virus, which is capable to rendering normal humans sterile. It was during the creation of the first generation that she realized that the Council of Elders planned to use the Bioroids to replace normal humanity altogether, with normal humans rendered sterile by the "D-tank" virus. Therefore, she arranged that the Bioroids would not be able to reproduce but kept and encoded the formula to activate their reproductive systems - codenamed "Appleseed" - in a pendant, which after she had her assistant Athena evacuated, she had given to her young daughter Deunan, with the promise to give it to Athena if she asked. Gilliam is captured and inadvertently killed by a soldier in front of Deunan

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Voice Actors
Greenberg, Kara
Shinohara, Emi
Strassman, Karen
Dumortier, Florence