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Bel (ベル)
In the games: Bel is one of the player character's childhood friends. She is clumsy and air-headed, but is a true friend. She often battles the player during his or her Pokemon journey.

In the anime: Bel made her debut appearance in "Chillarmy is a Neat Freak!?," when she is sent by Professor Araragi to deliver a badge case to Ash. Unfortunately, Bel is a very clumsy girl and ends up knocking Ash and Dent into a nearby stream. Despite being older than Ash, she has only just started her journey due to her father not allowing her to become a trainer when she turned ten.

Her original name, "Bel," means "white" in Slavic, while her English name, "Bianca," means "white" in Italian.

Voice Actors
Itou, Shizuka
Stevens, Eileen
Schroeder, Erica
Taketatsu, Ayana
Leal Rodríguez, Guadalupe
Ferreira, Priscila