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Rolan (ロラン)

At some point early in Rolan's childhood, Rolan's parents died to unknown circumstances, leaving a poor and starving Rolan to live on the streets. Rolan was always ignored by the others, and Rolan himself would have died under such a living eventually. At one point, a number of kids stealing food bumped into Rolan and left a large amount of food around him, leaving the owner of the stolen food to blame Rolan and severely abuse him, putting Rolan in an even worse state than before. Just after this, Rolan was found by Phantom, the leader of the Chess Pieces. Phantom became the only one to treat Rolan with kindness, giving him food to survive.

Just before Phantom left, he asked Rolan if he would follow him, which was followed by Rolan taking Phantom's hand and the two walking out of Rolan's home village together. Rolan, having a wish to serve Phantom, would join the Chess Pieces. According to Alan, Rolan fought in the first War Games as a Rook or Bishop which he is now a Knight. He battled Alviss 3 times two of which he lost. He's a stone manipulator. He lives for Phantom and shares a zombie tattoo like Alviss.

The reason behind his following Phantom so desperately lies in that he doesn't want to have the pain of having someone leave him like his parents did that left him in such a state. Even though Phantom haven't really shown love towards him, Rolan still fights for the sake of eternity and Phantom.

Voice Actors
Chiba, Susumu
Silverstein, Keith
Kim, Min Seok
Caillebot, Rémi
Albano, Davide

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