Dead "Tekkaman Dead" End

Dead End

Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade II
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Dead End
Known as Tekkaman Dead, he uses the name Dead End in his non-Tekkaman identity. A survivor of Black September, he blames The Red Devil for the massacre and breaks into a military facility holding a captured Radam Tekkaplant, using it to upgrade him from a Primary Body to a fully-fledged Tekkaman. The use of the captured Radam technology as opposed to an adapted Earth Tekkaplant results in an exponentially higher level of power bestowed upon Dead during his first transformation, and he uses this power to cause widespread destruction in an attempt to attract the attention of The Space Knights. Dead is capable of using the Crash Intrude technique, just as Tekkaman Blade does, in which his armor generates a bird-shaped aura of energy, which allows him to "crash" through enemies with tremendous force. He also has the ability to absorb, through his shoulder armor, any Voltekka directed at him and send the energy back through his own Voltekka.

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Voice Actors
Yuuki, Hiro