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Yakon is a character from the anime and manga, Dragon Ball Z. While his exact origins are unknown, Yakon's home planet is referred to as Dark Star (Ankoku) and is a land shrouded in darkness, giving him the ability to see in the dark. He is a monster controlled by Babidi, and is portrayed as one of his strongest followers (and was possibly intended to be placed on level 3 as Dabura claims that sending Yakon to level 2 is too drastic an action). He is a voracious monster with an apparently insatiable appetite as he greets the Z Fighters by asking which one he should eat first despite the fact that he had devoured two messengers Babidi sent him only minutes before. His power level is said to be at 800 Kili (a unit of measurement that is different from power levels displayed on the conventional scouters). As stated by Babidi, this is a level much weaker than Goku's power level of 3,000 Kili (as a Super Saiyan). Yakon sports a large, retractable claw in each of his forearms. According to the Supreme Kai, he is one of the most feared creatures in the universe and is one of the most powerful beings in his quadrant of the universe.

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