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Tsubasa (ツバサ)

* Age: 14 (First Season), 15 (Second Season)

* Birthday: May 4

* Western Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Tsubasa was a parakeet in her past life, she was rescued by Gorō when she broke her wing and he took care of her. She is afraid of heights, this is because after she believed her wing was healed she tried to show her appreciation by showing him her beauty in flight, she tried to fly but fell from the house's window and died, gaining Acrophobia; a fear of heights. Her hairstyle represents a parakeet's wings. She is one of the first three angels to appear to Goro.

Tsubasa too has deep feelings for Goro, and she is angry at Rei, the Red Phoenix (Suzaku), who is in love with her but hurt her beloved master. Her name means wing, alluding to her animal self. Her color image is red.

In season 2, Tsubasa is a girl like non-other. She may be a bit boyish but she still has the characteristics of being a girl or even a woman. Despite of this she still strived for her master and eventually became stronger and became worthy of Goro. Tsubasa is in the intermediate rank (senior rank in season 2).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Nogawa, Sakura
Little, Zarah
Jeong, Hye Ok

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