Atalantes Az Yunos

Atalantes Az Yunos

Heroic Age
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Atalantes Az Yunos (アタランテス·アズ·ユーノス)

The second prince of the Yunos royal family, Atalantes is also the head of the Yunos royal knights, though this is most likely due to his royal status and not because of skill. He is most often seen with his older brother Meleagros as his right hand man, offering him tactical and political advice throughout the conflict with the silver tribe. Atalantes was the one who gave Meleagros the idea of blowing up a planet to destroy a enemy fleet (over the objections of Nilval).

Personality-wise, Atalantes has a ego almost as big as Meleagros, though he is slightly more clear-headed and cooler under pressure than his older brother. During battles, he is extremely cocky and egotistical, believing that as long as the Iron Tribe has Age, they cannot be defeated.

However, on several occasions, Atalantes' cowardly nature comes to the surface whenever one of his tactical plans goes awry. Like Meleagros, Atalantes is jealous of his younger sister Dhianeila's popularity with the Iron Tribe and as well as other tribes across the galaxy. He sees her as a political rival and believes she is an upstart who just wants wants the throne for herself.

Voice Actors
Yoshino, Hiroyuki
Grelle, Josh