William "Acqua of the Back, Flere210" Orville

William Orville

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Toaru Majutsu no Index
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William Orville (ウィリアム=オルウェル (後方のアックア))
Real name is William Orville. His Sorcery name is Flere210, "The one who changes the reason of tears." Blessed with the nature of "God's Power." He is the most physically fit compared to the other members of the group. He was formerly a mercenary for the Anglican church but converted to Catholicism and joined God's Right Seat. He is also the only one who does not ignore the opinions of the Pope and not corrupt like his fellow God's Right Seat members. Although he cannot use spells that are used by normal sorcerers, he is blessed with the spell "Divine Mother's Mercy," which nullifies the liabilities of certain special spells so that he could perform powerful spells under unfit conditions. He also has the capacity of a saint, so he is also endowed with super-human capabilities, carrying weapons twice as large as him. On top of that, "Divine Mother's Mercy" nullifies the Limiter of the body so that he could use 100% of said capabilities as a saint.

Voice Actors
Touchi, Hiroki
Chandler, Andrew