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Miru (ミル)
Mira appeared in Sandshrew's Locker! as a character of the day. Wanting to use Dawn's Water Pokémon for her own purposes, she offers to teleport everyone to Hearthome using her Abra. However, she teleports them to a flooded city and tells them her grandmother's pendant was lost in the newly-flooded lake. Everyone goes diving to recover the pendant, but they are repelled by a wild Gyarados.

After another confession, Mira explains that actually the Poké Ball containing a Sandshrew she and her friends used to play with was left at the school when the town was flooded because of the dam.

Ash had Pikachu defeat the wild Gyarados, and Mira was reunited with her Sandshrew. Filled with gratitude, she had her Abra teleport everyone to Hearthome City.

Voice Actors
Arai, Satomi
Strober, Rena
Sáinz, Marta