Shiina Hekirunrun

Shiina Hekirunrun

Tokumu Sentai Shinesman
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Shiina Hekirunrun (シーナ・ヘキルンルン姫)
Age: 16
Birth date: 8/10
Blood type: AB
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 42 kg

Sasaki's excitable and ditzy cousin, she had come to help the Prince defeat the Shinesman team, much to his annoyance. Shiina refuses to show any male her bare skin because, in her own words, she has to "kill or marry" him. Shiina ends up developing feelings for Matsumoto. She finds out while battling the Shinesman that Matsumoto is Shinesman Red and changes her mind about invading the earth.

Princess Shiina is an anime only character as she does not appear in the manga. The author of the manga has drawn images of her though for the drama CD which accompanied the anime.

Voice Actors
Shiina, Hekiru
Weidner, Pamela