Hiroya "Shinesman Red" Matsumoto

Hiroya Matsumoto

Tokumu Sentai Shinesman
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Tokumu Sentai Shinesman
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Hiroya Matsumoto (松本広哉 ・ シャインズマンレッド)
Age: 18
Birth date: 3/18
Blood type: A
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 62 kg

A young man devoted to his little brother Youta who's a fan of the Greatman TV show, particularly Greatman Red. Matsumoto joined the Right Trading Company because his father was a loyal company employee. Imagine his surprise when he learned that he was to wear a costume. During his job interview, he was asked what color a superhero should be by Kyoko Sakakibara. Remembering his brother's preference for Greatman Red, Hiroya's response of red would ironically be the color of his Pro-Suit.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Matsumoto, Yasunori
Simpson, Scott