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Snake (スネーク)

Snake is a young, relatively skinny male with short white hair with a cowlick, who appears to have small patches of scales all over his body.

Snake is quiet, rarely speaking, and when he does, it's usually to relay information from one of his snakes. Joker tells Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis that "Snake an' his friends are still shy" and warns them to be careful of "their poison. However, he seems to have a bit of a playful side, as he flirts Dagger through one of his snakes.

He seems to care enough about the other first-tier members to provide information and warnings, as shown when he apologizes to Doll for allowing his snakes to roam loose. However, he delayed in telling the others about Ciel's and Sebastian's invasion of their tents for an unknown reason, and he is not shown referring to the other first-tier members as brothers or sisters, as they do. He also does not accompany them on their missions, and doesn't seem to be fully informed as to what they're doing when they're gone.

Furthermore, he seems to dislike being in positions of authority, as when the second-tier members question where the other first-tier members are at, he relays only small bits of information before leaving the decisions to the others.

(Source: Kuroshitsuji Wikia)

Voice Actors
Terashima, Takuma
Méyère, Bruno
Spencer, Spike
Sierich, Bastian

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