Meleagros E Leisha Altria Oz Yunos

Meleagros E Leisha Altria Oz Yunos

Heroic Age
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Meleagros E Leisha Altria Oz Yunos (メレアグロス・エ・ライシャ・アルトリア・オズ・ユーノス)

Mereagros is the king of the Altria system and the older brother of Dhianeila. He uses his incredible charisma to give himself total authority over the forces of the Iron Tribe, and believes he is justified in doing anything he wants, simply because he is king.

After gaining control of Age through clever political maneuvering, Mereagros charges his forces into the Bronze and Silver tribe's battle lines recklessly, relying solely on Age to win his battles, after which he attributes the win to his own strategic genius.

Mereagros has an extremely large ego which often leads him to make rash and reckless decisions such as blowing up an entire planet just to take out an enemy fleet, even though he knows Age will get caught in the blast. His constant reckless decisions and disregard for the lives of his troops eventually earns the ire of his sister Dhianeila, and he's forcibly removed from command, and is replaced by Nilval.

Voice Actors
Vale, Eric
Kishio, Daisuke