Hibiki "Hundred Night Hibiki" Laytis

Hibiki Laytis

Fairy Tail
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Fairy Tail
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Hibiki Laytis (ヒビキ・レイティス)
Age: 27
Magic: Archive
Likes: All women
Dislikes: Bugs

A member of the Blue Pegasus Guild.

Consistently places highly in weekly Sorceror's "The Wizard I'd Like to Be My Boyfriend Ranking." It seems that he's the reason so many female mages apply to join Blue Pegasus.

"Archive," in addition to allowing him to compress information into magical data and send it to a target party, also has information management and practical combat applications.

Voice Actors
Kondou, Takashi
Dismuke, Aaron
O, In Seong
Laisné, Grégory
Cannella, Mirko

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